In a music industry dominated by major label interests and media conglomerates, it seems overwhelmingly difficult for an independent voice to rise above the noise. The innate desire of every individual is to be heard, but how can one achieve this without a platform from which to project themselves? The answer is clear; one must build their own.

Hit Drip is this platform. Born from the desire to shift music culture forward through the power of originality and diversity, Hit Drip is dedicated to showcasing the one-of-a-kind sounds of those lost within this endless sea of data. By shining a beacon upon those being drowned out by the biggest names in entertainment, these creative minds are lifted out from the darkness of cyberspace and into the spotlight they rightfully deserve.

As the world of online music grows at an alarming rate, its a wonder how the same few artists end up on the blog rolls day in and day out. Many artists have built followings on sites such as Soundcloud, Band Camp, and YouTube but haven’t seen a sliver of the mainstream media attention paid to mega stars. Not to discredit their talents; but perhaps its about time to level the playing field?

This is Hit Drip.

Let it rain.



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