Indie: Church of Pain – Cemetery Love



Blacksburg Virginia based artist Kevin Dickel, working under the monicker Church of Pain, has released his debut EP. A 5 track outing, Cemetery Love  sounds equal parts inspired by The Misfits and the synth-driven, minimalist pop records that dominated  80’s airwaves. There isn’t much out there similar to this. Check out the “goth-pop” record above, and read some words on the project plus the latest Church of Pain single, “I Don’t Need A Mirror”, below.

 “The songs were written over the course of a year, but I was never happy with my singing voice… But, I had these songs that were very therapeutic for me, and I didn’t want them to go to waste. So I experimented with this deep sounding voice, layered vocals, added reverb and fuzz, until I found a sound that I was happy with… It’s about trying to love someone who has a broken heart, trying to love yourself, and trying to love someone when your own heart is broken. It’s semi-narrative.” – Kevin Dickel. 

For more Church of Pain:

Twitter: @KevinDickel


Soundcloud: Church of Pain

Bandcamp: Church of Pain


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