Mixtape: “Mausoleum EP” by Supa Bwe

Chicago rapper Supa Bwe released his latest effort, the Mausoleum EP, this past Valentine’s Day. The 7 track project, written, produced, and mixed by the artist himself, finds him tackling subjects such as loneliness, drugs, women, and death. It was also put together in only 3 days, which is quite an impressive feat given the quality of the release.

The mostly plodding, dreamy production on these tracks highlights a “lost in thought” atmosphere that persists throughout the project. Each beat is enjoyably distinguishable from the last, a trait relatively uncommon of many of his Chicago peers’ music.

Of particular note is the artist’s delivery. Entertainingly varied and occasionally spastic, Supa Bwe approaches each song differently. His vocals often mutate away from distinctly aggressive shouts early on in a track and towards sing-song hooks and outro melodies.

For more Supa Bwe:

Twitter: @supabwe

Instagram: supabwe


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