Interview: OG Che$$ Talks Musical Growth and His Upcoming Project “Knight Fall”

OG Che$$, a rising rap star from Houston, Texas by way of Missouri “Mo” City, is readying himself and his OG W4NG collective for a huge year. Some may know him from his previous work, alongside Travi$ Scott, as one half of rap duo TRAVISxJASON, but it’s his musical output post-split that has made him such an exciting artist to follow. Having laid the groundwork over the past 4 years through the release of several strong solo offerings, OG Che$$ has consistently proven his ability to reinvent and redefine his sound in an industry ripe with biters. With his upcoming project Knight Fall, he plans on solidifying his place in rap history and putting Houston back on the map.

Who is OG Che$$?

Og Che$$ is 2015; a kid telling the story of those overlooked, but destined for greatness.”

What originally made you want to make rap music?

Music has always been first. It’s like Pharrell says!”

How would you describe the growth in your sound and style from your first recordings until now?

Growth is the biggest thing for me. I started off high, like really high. I had a partner who had this sound that I knew could change the world with me, but I outgrew the lane we were heading down. I used to rap about money, cars, and clothes, but I grew. Now I speak nothing but my life, and show my lifestyle through my words.”

OG Che$$ for Hit Drip 3

What 3 songs from your discography would you say describe you and your music the best?

I can’t name one that completely defines me. As an artist we constantly grow, become disgusted with our past work… in a way, that’s how I feel. Every track I put out is a story of what I had been going through, hoped for… then attained. To narrow it down to three would be impossible. However, fans loved “Sports,” “Live It Up” with Rockie Fresh, and the track that really started my solo career, “Harlem to Texas” with A$AP Ferg.”


You’re releasing your new project, Knight Fall, soon. What was the inspiration behind the title, and what themes are you planning to explore on this record?

Knight Fall is, as the title states, dark and slow. It’s my ‘che$$ move’ on the world. It’s the record where I finally got everything, in my eyes, right. Knight Fall isn’t the type of project you put on to skip through a few songs. These sounds… everything took months to create. That’s what I plan to show on this record. There are no fillers, only emotions, hope, and stories you can relate to.”

What type of collaborations can we expect on Knight Fall?


Recently, your single “Faded” premiered on MTV Jams. How has this accomplishment effected your career and what’s the next step?


MTV really changed a lot for me. It put me on a pedestal in music that you need to get to… it’s notoriety. It put me in a position where I can show someone my resume and say ‘this isn’t just your average artist you’re listening to.’ MTV was huge, but what’s behind this record is what I pray makes OG Che$$ timeless.”

OG Che$$ for Hit Drip 1

Where do you see yourself in the next few years?

“With the whole crew changing the way the world views Houston.”

Of the new rappers buzzing right now, who do you most want to collaborate with?

“Dom Kennedy for sure. I feel like he’s the big bro and he doesn’t even know it. Like, our taste in style and women is similar. I look up to him in the game, ya know? We both understand the importance of being independent. I just feel like we’re the same people, just different ages and different coasts.”

Who should we be listening to right now?

The camp. Kal TwoSide, Blayke Hugo, Corrupt Alskade, Moxiii Double Dee… that’s all we listen to.”

OG Che$$ and the OG W4NG collective are releasing a new song every Wednesday up until the release of Knight Fall. Below is this week’s W4NG Wednesday track, “W4NG4N (feat. OG Che$$ & Kal TwoSide)” by Blayke Hugo.


Knight Fall comes out this Spring.

For more OG Che$$, follow him on Twitter, Soundcloud, and Tumblr.


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